Soul Coaching with Marielle for
Awesome Relationships and Joyful Work

“In the midst of living, we learn.”

It is one of my favourite quotes from a poem I wrote many moons ago. And it’s a great mantra for all the experiences that occur in life.

What can you expect as a result of Soul Coaching?

When we work together, in partnership, you will receive exactly what you put in. Only you know what you need in the present moment to continue your spiritual (and human!) development and evolution. Our conversations about your current life experiences will uncover your priorities.

You will discover how to listen to the voice within and work in harmony with your SELF, and others, to create an incredible, authentic and joyfully juicy life.  More importantly, you will be able to release and be free from the unconscious limiting beliefs that have been holding you back.  Imagine a life with awesome momentum!

One of my intentions, which shows up in all our sessions, is for you to have relationships in your life that are open, intimate and filled with incredible moments of connection. It starts with the relationship with your Self.

There are numerous methods by which I help you transform and change your life, including intuitive soul coaching, PSYCH-K, Holoenergetics, Reiki, ‘homework’ activities and more.

As an Intuitive Soul Coach and a catalyst for conscious change, I have a passion for getting to know each and every person I meet, beyond the superficial.  I look forward to getting to know you and helping you design an awesome LifePath!

Have more questions? Email or call me, 604.618.5909, anytime.