Soul Coaching with Marielle to
Dance Out Your Dreams

What does it mean to Dance Out Your Dream?

There are two sides to a coin. For me, they are spirituality and technology. I thrive on balancing the mind of technology with the heart of the soul.

The Spirited Side:  For over 15 years, I have been a Soul Coach and Intuitive Guide and have added other life changing skills such as shamanism, PSYCH-K, and Reiki. It has been the foundation of my work, until now.

The Tech Side: With over 20 years of tech expertise and experience with contact relationship management, desktop publishing and editing, marketing, entrepreneurship and working for one of the most admired companies in the world, I am geared up and ready to partner with you dance out your dreams and fulfill your life purpose.

I know intimately what it feels like to be floating in the spiritual realm of reality and at the same time trying to get out into the world wide web with the speed of technology and keeping up with today’s social media frenzy.

Whether you are looking to learn some basics around your technology or wanting to gain confidence in your world, or BOTH, I’m here as your partner on that path.

Through the work we do together, you can:

  • Unblock your barriers keeping you from sharing your brilliance.
  • Find the voice that speaks to you from the seat of your soul.
  • Navigate your way through social media tools.
  • Have a simple website that speaks to your heart.
  • Be confident with the electronic devices you use.
  • Find ways that suit YOU and your lifestyle to broadcast your business and life purpose easily.
  • Discover your own LifePath© Map and use it to keep moving forward.
  • Find out that there are so many unseen gifts when you dance out your dreams!

Are you ready to dance and have questions to ask?  Email or call me, 604.618.5909.

“In the midst of living, we learn.” ~ Marielle Smith