Soul Coaching with Marielle to
Dance Out Your Dreams

“In the midst of living, we learn.”

It’s a quote from a poem I wrote many moons ago. And it is a great mantra for all the experiences that occur in life.

What does it mean to Dance Out Your Dream?

I’ve spent years helping people (including myself!) find their way of listening to the voice of intuition and work in harmony with their current environment – which includes ‘areas’  that are physical or perceived as well as within relationships - to create an incredible, authentic and joyfully juicy life.  More importantly, you can learn to be free from the blocks that have been ‘secretly’ holding you back.

When we work together you will learn more about yourself and discover what to do to move forward. Only you know what you need to grow and evolve.

Imagine a life with greater flow and momentum!

One of my intentions is for you move in your life – like dancing – freely and with purpose, so you can have relationships in your life that are open, intimate and filled with moments of deep connection. Maybe it’s more money, a job with purpose or health and well-being.

Whatever your goal is….

It starts with You.

There are several ways we work together to help you transform and change. This is what I call Spiritual Alchemy. It includes intuitive soul coaching, PSYCH-K, Holoenergetics, shamanic work, energy psychology and more.

As an Intuitive guide and Soul Coach (some call me ‘the spiritual midwife’), I have a passion for getting to know the deeper parts of each and every person I meet, beyond the superficial.  I look forward to getting to know you and helping you design an awesome LifePath!

Have questions or a curiosity about this?  Email or call me, 604.618.5909, anytime.